Laps: 26

Weather: 19C Dry/Cloudy – 91% Rain

Start Position: 20th

Target: 17th

Finish: 21st


Start: Option

Lap 8: Option

Lap 16: Prime

Best Lap: 1.41.293

With the poor performance in Qualifying I had a lot of work to do to make anything of the race. Luckily it was dry for the start and by the end of the first lap I had got myself up to a decent 8th place. At the end of the lap I was advised that light rain was due in a few minutes. Hulkenberg had managed to get himself up to 3rd too.

The information was correct and on the end of lap 2, the rain started.

Hulkenberg, still pushing in 3rd managed to post the fastest lap of the race on lap 3, putting pressure on the Rosberg and Hamilton at the front.

The rain was becoming heavier and the track was inbetween dry and wet but becoming more and more slippery. On the first corner of lap 6 I ran wide on the brakes and Vettel squeezed past and on re-joining the track the lack of traction meant the Grosjean could pass too putting me down to 10th.

At the end of lap 6, all of the back runners from 17th and lower pitted for inters, meaning they had the upper hand on the front runners who had another lap to struggle on the ever dampening track.

On lap 7, the rest of the field including myself pitted for inters and I came out in 11th behind Kobayashi in the Caterham.

I was struggling for grip on the inters on and lap 9 I made a mistake through the S’s and Kyvatt came through putting me back down to 12th. I was unable to keep the pace and struggled to keep up with him to take the position back.

The weather was becoming worse and the track was becoming too slippery for inters so on lap 10 I pitted for wet tyres and came out in 19th after I was held back to let pit lane traffic . At this stage I was then struggling to keep up with Bianchi in front of me!

On lap 15 we had the update to say the rain would be easing in around 15 minutes which worked out at 8-9 laps, maybe time to put on another set of inters or maybe make some places up by staying out!

I was that far behind and was so slow that on lap 17 I was lapped by the front runners.

Lap 18 was when I was due to pit for another set of wets but decided to try and stay out to make the tyres last until the end, maybe gain a place or two due to pit stops.

That didn’t happen and on lap 23 Gutierrez passed me to drop me to 20th. On lap 24 I was passed again which was 21st and on lap 25 with no tread on the tyres I was passed to put me to last place behind Chilton.

The race ended, Gutierrez was handed a penalty which moved me to 21st but all in all an absolutely shocking result.

Hamilton won the race, followed by Alonso and second and Ricciardo in 3rd. Hulkenberg managed to perform well again and finished in 8th.

  1. Hamilton – 181 (-)
  2. Rosberg – 163 (-)
  3. Vettel – 111 (-)
  4. Ricciardo – 96 (-)
  5. Alonso – 91 (-)
  6. Magnussen – 58 (Up 1)
  7. Raikkonen – 56 (Down 1)
  8. Hulkenberg – 46 (-)
  9. Button – 42 (-)
  10. Massa – 33 (-)