F1 2014: Season 1 – Silverstone – Practice & Qualifying


Weather: 27C Dry/Sunny

Best Prime: 1:40.224 (Medium Fuel)

S1 – 31.441

S2 – 42.616

S3 – 26.168

Best Option: 1.39.020 (Medium Fuel)

S1 – 31.017

S2 – 42.546

S3 – 25.457

In previous years I have struggled to maintain pace on this track and especially through Maggots and Becketts and even more so when following another car but I was determined to get back on track and improve my overall standing.

The weather was great, hot and dry and the set up felt strong and tidy. I ran 7 fast laps on the prime tyres on medium fuel as the best I could get from that was a 1.40.224 which at the time was 17th place.

I then took a brand new set of option tyres out and ran 4 flying laps, again on medium fuel and posted a 1.39.020 which at the time put me 12th which I was more than happy with.

Towards the end of the session, Hulkenberg went a little faster pushing me down to 13th, just behind my team mate in 12th.


Weather: 23C Dry/Sunny

Target: 15th

Best Q1: 1.39.197

S1 – 31.354

S2 – 42.511

S3 – 25.332

Best Q2: N/A

S1 – N/A

S2 – N/A

S3 – N/A

Qualifying Position: 20th

Practice was over and done with and the results were promising. Top 15 for me at the minute is a bonus and the car wasn’t being pushed to its full potential with regards to fuel.

The target was 15th so I went out on another new set of Prime tyres and ran 6 flying laps on rich fuel. The best I could manage was a 1.40.629 which was a little slower than in practice and left me in 22nd – Last.

I then took a brand new set of Option and even on rich fuel managed a 1.39.197, again slower than in practice and only moved me to 20th.

Another long race ahead which didn’t look promising, especially in the rain too. Fingers crossed my luck would come in!