This game wouldn’t have come to me normally. I used to play pool religiously on the old MSN games where you could play online. I wasn’t aware of this particular game until I was advised to download it by a friend to pass some time during work… I mean to play after work…

The concept of the game is very simple. Its 8 Ball Pool.

And the good news about it, is that you can literally pick up and play. Whether you are I don’t know, Mark Selby or just Mr Smith from “down the road” you can pick this game up and play instantly.

But there lies the problem. Within 30 seconds, it becomes too easy. I’ve been playing for just over 2 weeks now and I have a win percentage of 60%. This isn’t perfect by any stretch of the imagination, but its more than 1 win every 2 games which for a random beginner isn’t too bad!

The gameplay is very smooth and very quick. At any one time you are in a game within 10 seconds of choosing your type of game, which I will come to shortly.

From what I’ve experienced in the last two weeks there is no lag and I’ve not once disconnected. I have hit the back button a fair few times but have been “allowed” to re-join without any issues.

Each player has a limited amount of time to make a move which means you can’t purposely make people quit by taking 4 hours to take a shot. It also means you have to get a move on and there is a sense of pressure to aim and shoot before the timer runs out adding to the suspense and excitement this game brings.

With regards to the types of matches you can play the choice is very limited. But it is pool so what do you expect?

There is a simple choice between one on one and a tournament.

One on one is exactly what it says on the tin. You join and are matched depending on your skill level to an opponent. Play the game and either rematch or find another opponent. There are a number of different “tables” you can come to with one on one and they all have different levels of bets between 50 coins and 25mil coins.

The other option is to enter a tournament which drops you in to the last 8 players and played like a knockout stage until the final. The entry fee compared to the winnings is much more inviting but you must win 3 games in order to win so is a little more risky.

The games I’ve played are always close. Unfortunately I’m still in games that offer the guidance so it shows you exactly where the white ball is going to go making it much easier but meaning there is less skill is required.

Now I’ve not had much experience with the different cues that are available. I have the beginner cue which is free for everyone, a cue I won during a tournament and one I bought myself. Ive not had much experience with them but from what I can work out they are only slightly different and don’t make much impact. Ok some offer more spin or more power. But when using the guidance lines any cue should be sufficient and like I say, I’m currently running a 60% win rate using just the beginner cue.

The last thing I wanted to mention is the use of mini games. These (from what I can gather) are just a way of getting us to spend our real life month – something I refuse to do. There are a small handful to choose from including a wheel of fortune and a hi-lo kind of game. Again, I just see this as a way of getting people to pay for the game however if this is what you want to do then I’m not going to argue against it!

So to sum things up, a fantastic, fun and fast paced FREE game. Maybe a little repetitive at times but most games are nowadays. Would definitely recommend it even if it’s just worth a try.

Did you find this review helpful? Fun or maybe I need to add a little more? Please feel free to leave me a comment below and I will get back to you straight away!