World 89 has been going for around a month now and finally we have something to talk about other than farming, farming and… farming.

I know this is a little late but I had to ride it out, you know. Instead of just saying “hey, I’ve been nobled… again!” – I had to make sure I was still around at this time, to bring you a thrilling (hopefully) encounter of how the top tribe came together and shrugged off the rank 2 tribe and their feeble attempts to scare us…

Well, clear your mind of Loot Assist, Sniping and Back Timing. Grab yourself a tankard of our finest ale and enjoy.

Cast your mind back to the 25th of August (it was only a week ago, come on). It was a rainy day in the UK, for a change. We were something like 22 days in to World 89 and things were going well. I was farming at an OK level, nothing like the top guys but OK for where I was. I think at the time I was ranked in the top 350 farmers for the world and the highest farm for the day was 46000. I was rank 31 in Pushing Your Buttons! who at the time were rank 1 in World 89.

The village was coming on strongly and the troop production was in full flow. There had been a lot of sweat and tears gone in to that village for the start-up of the world and a lack of sleep!

Anyway, moving on to what was actually happening at that time.

Early on the 25th we received intel that we were due to be attacked. 6 players including myself was on the list to clear and or fake and the attacks were planned to hit on the 26th.

The tribe did very well in coordinating support to those they believed would be actual targets.

On the 26th the intel proved to be correct and the tribe started to receive incoming. I had 11 incoming myself but put them all down to fakes. Two lots of noble trains from players who didn’t have an Academy and 2 attacks from one player who only had one village so wouldn’t make any sense to send two different attacks.

The first couple of attacks were due to hit at 1pm Server Time. It was just a waiting game until the last minute in which I sent all of the troops to dodge the attack.

And wait…

12:30 came and the impending was still nowhere to be seen but it was hard to see through the thick fog and clouds of thick black smoke that my village was churning out through the mass construction and recruitment happening 24 hours a day 7 days a week.

The time came, all of my troops were out farming so nothing was to be lost. There was no noise, no rumble that a normal enemy would make and know battle cries.


The first attack was a cowardly fake. 1 measly little scout. Which doesn’t even make sense, 4 scouts are needed to survive any village on this world. Another attack due in 1 minute…

The second attack hit the wall, another 1 scout attack. Dead.

What was left of the poor and now dead scouts were dragged into the walls of my village and tossed upon the constantly burning fire, providing fuel for the upcoming constructions.

Next was a 9 hour wait until 21:54 server time for a incoming “noble train” from a village that doesn’t have an Academy.

14:35 on the 26th and another attack is added to the list. Just a single attack so may be a fake, may be a full clearing attack. So, to retaliate I sent back a cheeky little fake to see if this will make any difference, it also contains some hidden scouts which will bring back any intel we may need for future attacks.

By 21:00 server time the first of the trains became imminent, all from the same player, the same player that doesn’t yet have an Academy. The attacks hit and like a shadow, disappeared in to the darkness. No damage was caused. Not even a pesky little scout was able to get through. More bodies for the fire.

At midnight I called it a day, sent the troops out to haul as much resources as possible to avoid two more incoming attacks that were due to land during the night. Both were fakes, again no damage and the village was not even woken. 1 Ram that crumbled to dust upon the sight of the never ending defensive walls the other was a poor little Scout that joined his fellow friends on the fire pit.

By the end of that night another fake train arrived and dissapeared without a trace. No more attacks were due and the village had not been woken.

For the 27th, 28th, 29th, 30th and 31st of August everything was how it normally was. Farming constantly to ensure maximum hauls although Im still struggling to keep up with the main players. My maximum so far is just over 96,000.

September is a new month, with a new mini game and more challenges ahead. The troops are ready to taste blood and will not be stopped in their quest for glory.

What the future holds is out of my hands, its not something that can be predicted. For one I could be cleared out just after I publish this blog post. Im close to my Academy though so hopefully by the next update I will have a second village.