Over the past couple of months I’ve kind of backed off from the whole Blogging aspect of things. There are a few reasons and even if you don’t want to know them I’m going to say why I haven’t posted as much. If you want to move on to the next part, just skip the numbered items!

Reason #1 – Work

Work is sucking every last inch of motivation out of me and by the end of the day, I’m just not in the mood to write a blog post or even think of something to write about! I’m sure most of you have seen a little collection of films and books that go by the name of Harry Potter – well it feels as if I have a Dementor sat with me at work draining every last inch of my soul, leaving me looking like an empty sack of sadness by the end of my shift. You know how it is, it takes time and a lot of thought to not just sit and write a load of drabble that people don’t read. It needs to be interesting, exciting and catch the readers eye. I don’t want to be just churning rubbish out for the sake of it. That’s why progress has been slow.

Reason #2 – Life

I shouldn’t moan about life. Actually scrap that, I’m not moaning about life. But there are more important things in life at the minute and Blogging has kind of being squeezed into a suitcase and placed in the attic until further notice. We have a baby on the way which is due to arrive in November. Surely if it takes after his/her lovely mum then it will be late but there is still so much to do. I am trying to paint the bedroom, the babies bedroom and sort the rest of the house with new carpets etc. and that’s before we start shopping for nursery equipment! So that’s kind of taken me away from even thinking of composing anything for you 5 people to read!

Reason #3 – Figures

I understand that the figures that are driven to my Blog are purely down to how hard I work, how much I put in and how much great content I put out there. But for the last 6 months I have been trying different methods, posting about different things and trying to improve my writing technique and it’s got to a stage where the figures and stats are starting to affect me. I’m not asking to receive 100’s of views a day, but over the last month (albeit there has been a lack of new content) the views have dried out. This could be due to the content I’m putting out there. I’ve also stopped doing the Daily Prompt which was pulling in a good 10-20 views per post each day as well but I stopped this due to the fact that the content didn’t really have much relevance to my Blog and I was just using it to drag in visitors.

Reason #4 – Technology

I got myself a new Samsung S7 the other month and it is marvellously splendid. But it doesn’t have the same facility as a laptop or a computer. I can store some ideas and draft up some posts but it just doesn’t compare to a laptop. I don’t have the latter. I’m saving up, don’t get me wrong but at the minute I have to draft everything up and finish it off when I can get on to a computer, which can sometimes take a while – delaying any posts I have to put out there.

So, negatives out of the way (unless you skipped directly to this part) I have some goals and targets to help get back on track, improve visitors and hopefully learn to write more compelling posts for my readers to enjoy.

Goal #1 – September

In September I’m going to try and make and manage my time better in order to write, edit and publish more posts than any other month previously. I have planned for a minimum of 25 posts spread out over the month, this could increase to 30+ depending on available time. These posts will be a selection of game updates, reviews and a couple of personal life updates. I don’t have a specific number in mind, but I aim to make September the most viewed month so far.

I’ve drafted a total of 5 posts already and have made notes of at least 20 more that I am going to post out this month. Obviously these need to be written first which is what I will be doing as much as possible after work!

Goal #2 – 2016

September is probably going to be the last month before the baby is born is November that I am going to be able to spend as much time as possible writing posts. In October we will be busy sorting the nursery out and in November we will likely have no sleep and be covered in baby sick, so blogging will be the last thing on my mind – unless you guys want to know about how to change a babies nappy, how to burp a baby or how to scrub baby sick out of a carpet…

But I want to improve, I want to keep the figures coming in and bring 2016 to a strong finish in order to start 2017 as positively as humanly possible!

Goal #3 – Time Management

I’ve managed to find a lovely little planner on Google from this website here. You have to sign up for their newsletter but instantly get emailed with a 24 page blog planner which I am going to utilise in order the manage my posts, plan, draft and publish the content I need to. It also allows you to set monthly and yearly goals which is what has prompted me to write this Blog post.

Goal #4 – Domain

This was something I was planning on getting anyway, hey I may even be able to run WordAds sometime in the far, far distant future. I’ve set myself a goal that when I have averaged 2000 views over a 3 month period I will upgrade to have my own domain through WordPress. Is this going to be possible soon? Well only time will tell to be honest, I’m going to try and pull as much traffic as possible for the following months.

Goal #5 – Laptop

This isn’t going to be something for the near future. Well, I don’t think so anyway. I want to buy myself a laptop but want to use the Blog to push myself to buy one. So if/when I hit a total of 50,000 views for this Blog, I will purchase a brand new laptop to help with further blogging. I know this is a long way off, it’s a long term target that will encourage me to keep going.

So with that in place, I ought to have a few solutions in order to achieve these Goals. The solutions below are just what I have come up with for now, obviously as time passes I may come across further ways to increase traffic to my blog or attract new visitors but for now here is what I have.

Solution #1 – More Content

No Blog is going to driving traffic without any content. So that’s what I plan on doing, publishing as much content as possible. But at the same time, I don’t want it to be rubbish so I am trying my best to improve on my writing. Multiple posts per month should help bring more traffic in depending on the type of content.

Solution #2 – Advertising

I have made this mistake to be honest and have not really dwelled in to advertising my blog anywhere else other than a couple of specific forums. So Im going to register and get involved in multiple open forums such as Reddit but also topic specific forums such as gaming forums, Tribal Wars forums and other game specific websites to try and drive the correct readers to my blog.

Solution #3 – Patience

My final solution is to be patient. I heard someone say that Rome wasn’t built in a day – to be honest I would be flabbergasted if it had been… Anyway, that’s the final point to this, be patient, keep going and hopefully things will fall in to place.


Sorry guys, that did seem to drag on a little, I’ve lost 2mm on the end of my fingers as well. But hopefully you will support me on improving this Blog and hopefully stick with me as I try to improve and get my stuff out there.

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