Before I start to dwell in to the murky pits of negativity, let me give you a little background on my wrestling past.

I haven’t played a wrestling game on a console since the days of the PS2. Which knowing me could have been yesterday considering how far behind Iam on the console front.

I had been watching old wrestling videos, you know the ones that pop up all over Facebook and fancied getting back in to it.

I picked up a copy of WWE 2K16 for the Xbox 360 on Saturday and this will be my one and only review on the game, because after this it’s going in the bin.

As mentioned before, the last WWE game I played was back when it was still called WWF! I was just a young boy and the Playstation 2 was the best console out (probably the only time in my life that I was up to date with the consoles) So I had high hopes that things would have changed with improved physics, better graphics, more characters and more game modes.

Boy I was wrong.

The game starts at the start menu (ironically) with just a handful of options for you to partake in. One thing was missing, something I didn’t quite understand and something that lead me to the most useless manual in gaming history. The manual that comes with the game is 1 page, that is all and is just jibber jabber about warnings etc etc. Putting that to one side (screwed up, in the bin) I proceeded to Google where the story mode was. Long story short, there isn’t one.

How in God’s name have we got to a stage in 2016 where a game doesn’t have a story or a career mode? This game basically rendered itself useless.

Every last spec of my body begged, pleaded me to just grab the disk by the scruff of its neck and choke slam it in to oblivion. But I realised two things.

7 Things You Need To Know About WWE 2k16

  • I’d just spent £18 on this game and thought it such a waste to throw a game away
  • In the history of man, no one has ever choke slammed a disk…

So with the possibility of a story mode and series of blog posts drawn out simply for views out of the window, I pressed “play” and got on with it.

Taking into account that there is no story mode where you take a wrestler of your choice or a customised wrestler and work your way to the top there is a lot of different options with regards to the type of matches you can play and the different styles of matches. All of the standard game matches are in there so you can play type of match that takes your fancy such as a simple one on one, tag team, cage match, hell in a cell or my personal favourite – The Royal Rumble. There are many other options within the game to determine how you win matches, who is playing etc. Unfortunately you aren’t able to determine a match win by death, apparently that’s not a thing.

The range is impressive however, all of the game matches have different rules so obviously you can’t win a ladder match by pinfall but there is a lack of variety during the matches. What I mean is I don’t know if I wasn’t playing long enough but I found that if a game doesn’t involve weapons, there are no options to get a weapon. For example I wasn’t able to go under the ring the get a chair in a one on one and you can’t exit the ring in a Royal Rumble unless you are eliminated. Things that I think would make things that little more exciting, a sledgehammer during a Royal Rumble…

I haven’t watched any televised wrestling for many, many moons now so to give my opinion on the range of wrestlers would be rather contradicting. However there is a large number to choose from, some look like they can be unlocked at a future stage as well. There is also the option to create your own wrestler and customise the move sets, entrance and what they are wearing – if they are wearing anything at all!

On a side note to the wrestlers, the graphics and visuals are absolutely dreadful. I honestly don’t recall any difference since playing on the PlayStation 2. No body movement or muscle flex, the facial visuals are hilariously inaccurate and look almost cartoonish. Even little things are missing from the game. You know like sweat, or soreness when they are hit. Just little things I know, but it’s the same as playing a racing game with no damage physics, it just makes it seem very, I don’t know, 2D if you get me.

I now come to the Gameplay. Probably the main thing that lets this game down. In a nutshell the gameplay is atrocious. It has to be one of the most unrealistic, difficult and frustrating games I have ever played. There is a huge lack of moves ranging from each wrestler, it’s almost as if the game was designed with the PlayStation 1 in mind, or even the Sega! There are set moves for each character so you can grab, punch, kick and finish/signature moves. All of which lead to a very boring, unexciting mish mash of button bashing with little to no tactical involvement.

Another ridiculous inclusion is the need to build a power bar in order to achieve the ability to complete a finisher move. I fully understand this is to stop you starting a match with a Rock Bottom but having to persistently punch someone in the face just to be able to build up a finishers feels, well, annoying if anything.

The finishes are as they are in real life, if not a little less exciting. There is no atmosphere when The Rock is peeling off his elbow pad or when The Undertaker grabs someone by the neck, the crowd are very much computerised and have no relevance to what is actually going on. A bit like the early Fifa games.

One thing I did find extremely annoying is when you bounce off the ropes you tend to just charge in to your opponent with about as much menace as moth…

But the most annoying thing in this game is the lack of any realism. I found myself in the ring, with 5 opponents in the Royal Rumble. My Brother who was in charge of some blur of a human was in the middle of being beaten and to find myself incapable of interfering is beyond frustrating, it’s almost hilarious. If an opponent is in the middle of anything, they become immune to any form of attack. Realism.

Take a walk over to that sign that says “Stupid” walk past that and keep going. This is where you will find the Controls. The controls are rubbish, hard and frustrating. To stop yourself being eliminated from a Royal Rumble, you simply need to press the buttons on screen as quick as you can, nothing else, no skill. To kick out of a pin all you have to do is match a green bar… Its child’s play and makes to nothing more than a button bashing piece of rubbish game.


Can I think of anything more to say? Yes I could but I don’t want to. This game isn’t good, its beyond poor and for a game of this stage and this console Im surprised it was even let out on to the market in the first place.

Should you buy it? I paid £18 for a used copy and looking back I feel like Punk’d should have pounced on me as I left the shop. Yes you should get it, but don’t pay more than £5. It’s not worth any more than that with no story mode. It’s good for a 10 minute button bash, if that.