Oops. So its been a week? I think thats right? Lets go with a week.

Its been a week since World 89 started. I got going on this world straight away, wasnt late, wasnt slow. But a week on I seem to be struggling to keep up with the top players. Well i say the top players, Im struggling to stay in the top 1000 players, points wise.

The good news and finally I do have good news. The good news is that i got going with a very strong, knowledgeable, active and fast growing tribe. We are currently rank 1. Rank 1 in the whole of World 89.

The main part of this game, the main part for the foresable future is the farming. Now because I refuse to spend my hoarded premium points on boosting resource production, I have to farm my arse off to get anywhere. Meaning Im on all day, everyday. But I enjoy it. Currently in the top 500 farmers, struggling to haul as much as others to be honest but getting there and got the hang of micro farming.

Im not entirely sure when people will start getting their second villages but I dont think its going to be too long! Me? Well its going to be a while, i dont think it will be August but I will do my best and with the help of the tribe Im in, who knows how quickly we can grow.

On a final note, this world is host to the new Paladin system. I dont think much too it really but its nice to have something new. From what i gather you basically spend resources to train your Paladin, which in turn grows levels and in return you recieve a book which teaches you one of three different skills. Ive stuck with the resources skill for now as I think it will help grow. You can now also have more than one Paladin depending on the number of villages, so fingers crossed I can get to that stage!

Casual 2 is still going but Ive completely stopped farming or paying any attention to the game. Its alot of barb village nobling and very little interaction. I do enjoy it, its rather peaceful and you just get one with what you want to. Im sure if I had 500 villages Id be getting hammered from all different angles, but we shall see.

Are you playing World 89 or Casual 2? Please drop me a message ingame!

Thats all for now, more to come in a week or so!