Weather: 25C Dry/Sunny

Best Prime: 1:17.840 (Rich Fuel)

S1 – 22.400

S2 – 24.962

S3 – 30.478

Best Option: N/A

S1 – N/A

S2 – N/A

S3 – N/A

Canada is one of my favourite tracks so took the car straight out on a set of Prime tyres, the engine was fairly new and the first few laps felt very solid. After running just 7 laps I posted my best time of 1.17.840 which left me in 11th place for the session, on Prime tyres.

I didn’t bother running the Option tyres in this session as the car felt very good and didn’t feel the need to push the engine any further.

The first sector of the lap (at the time of my fastest lap) was a purple sector at the time which was very promising to see.


Weather: 22C 100% Rain

Target: 15th

Best Q1: 1.22.938

S1 – N/A

S2 – N/A

S3 – N/A

Best Q2: 1.21.946

S1 – 23.554

S2 – 26.271

S3 – 31.121

Qualifying Position: 11th

With practice giving me the confidence in the car I needed I went straight out on the Inters and a session forecast full rain I decided to get straight on track to put in as many laps as possible.

Getting a few laps in early helped as the track was becoming noticeably wetter throughout the session.

The best I could manage in the rain was a 1.22.938 which secured 14th place and moved me on a Q2.

In Q2 the track was the same, still wet on still on inters so I went straight back out again to put in some early laps. The fastest I could put in was a 1.22.946 which was very strong on a dry set up. The final position was 11th which I was more than happy with and with the dry practice I knew the car was capable of helping me secure points in the race to come.