Weather: 19C Dry/Sunny 52% chance of rain

Best Prime: 1:21.765 (Rich Fuel)

S1 – N/A

S2 – N/A

S3 – N/A

Best Option: N/A

S1 – N/A

S2 – N/A

S3 – N/A

I decided to get out on track as soon as possible to get a few laps in and to find the boundaries of the track as there isnt much give on this track.

The session was forcast 52% rain so wanted to get in as many dry laps as possible.

I took a set of Prime tyres out for 5 laps and ran a rich fuel setting. The best I could manage was a 1.21.765 which was well off the pace and left me in 19th.

As expected the heavens opened and the rain came but I needed to complete the R&D session which was to beat a 1.25.123. Unfortunately due to the dry set up on the wet track I wasnt able to find the pace to complete this and failed the research and development for 5% less wear on the brakes.


Weather: 21C Dry / Cloud

Target: 15th

Best Q1: 1.19.751

S1 – 21.038

S2 – 39.863

S3 – 18.850

Qualifying Position: 17th (22nd with Penalty)

With a new engine from the Practice session I quickly got out on track with a set of Option tyres knowing I really had to pull something out of the bag in order to move on to Q2.

During the session I was given a 10 place grid penalty for accidently causing an incident which would really put me in a poor position for such a tight track.

I still tried to get a good time in but could only manage a 1.19.751 but that left me just 17th. Adding on the penalty meant I would be starting stone cold last for the Monaco Grand Prix.