Ahh crap!

Skipping to the point (the long story will follow shortly) I’m no longer on World 88.

Going back a couple of days things were looking rather positive. We had managed to get the tribe back up to rank 2 in continent 65 and was building a strong alliance with 2 different tribes in order to move in on the top tribe in the continent.

We had the members, but most of us were only just moving up to noble stage so wasn’t in a position to be going to war with anyone. We could fight, we had the troops to attack and defend but we wouldn’t be able to take any players out of the game.

I had just got myself the first noble of the game on World 88 and was in the process of clearing out a village to take. I didn’t have a noble train, just the one noble so was slowly hitting a village to conquer it. His tribe were useless and wouldn’t be able to defend so gathered it would be easy pickings.


Monday night was when it all started to go downhill. I was scouted by a member of the tribe we were planning on taking. I don’t know if I make the mistake of sending all my troops out to farm to hide them but he was able to scout that I had very little in the village. I’m not sure if this made it look like that was all I had. But within 40 minutes I had another 4 incoming attacks. I will be honest, I didn’t hold much hope. Their tribe was 3 times the size of mine.

I requested support from my tribe and our two allies and support was sent but it wasn’t enough to hold off the 4 noble attacks and the village was lost along with all the troops and all the support.

Now, it did make me think how annoying this game is. I’m not saying I dislike it. But I’ve spent as much time as I could on this game to farm as much resources to grow. Obviously running my own tribe took a lot of time up and then I lost everything I had spent the last month playing for in the space of 45 minutes. Admittedly I came in to the game 20 days after the World started but it is kind of frustrating.

Saying that it won’t stop me coming back on World 89 and Ive moved back to Casual 2 again!

This time I won’t make the mistake of going inactive for 2 weeks if I go abroad!