A week ago I posted this

And to be honest, I’m rather surprised that I’m able to write this post without having to tell you the news that I have been Nobled. Because, for some strange reason, I haven’t.

In fact, none of us have.

I wrote about how two of the top members of The Lone Warriors had been nobled and that we weren’t able to support them to stop this happening. To be honest we were all fairly new to the world and had very little in the forum of defence.

World 88 is actually treating us well. I still can’t farm to save my life and the best haul in a space of 24 hours has slowly crept up to 67000 which is poor to say the least.

As of writing this, right this second the tribe has successfully grown to 30,000 points which has put us rank 2 in K65 of World 88 – something I rather proud of to be honest.

We have been building relationships but I wont say who with on the off chance of someone actually reading this! We don’t want to be giving any inside information now do we!

Back to the farming situation. I have been reading, or trying to read as many Guides on Farming for Tribal Wars. Different methods. Different techniques and try and work out what is best for me. I tend to stick to Micro Farming and then when I hit a village that provides a full haul, hit it again with enough troops to clear it. Is this a good way to do it? What do you guys do to farm more than me?

Anyway, we are still alive, we are moving up and we are cracking on. We just need to grow and grow quick and that is the main aim! The tribe is full, there is room for improvement but we are full to the brim with the 25 member limit set on this world.

Hopefully I will have another village by next week, so until then…