Laps: 33

Weather: 24C Sun / Dry

Start Position: 22nd

Target: 16th

Finish: DNF


Start Tyre – Option

Lap 10 – Option

Lap 21 – Prime

Best Lap: 1:27.474

Sitting on the starting grid I knew I had a mammoth task ahead of me. Not only that but it was a task I would have to complete on a track that Iam growing to despise.

When the lights went out all 22 cars lit up their tyres and headed down the long start and finish straight to the first corner. As with every start to the race I was up to 11th place by the end of the first lap and although couldn’t make ground up to get into a point scoring position, was able to hold 11th place until.

By the end of lap 7 there was a huge tailback behind my car, I was struggling for pace and the cars in front had disappeared into the distance.

Lap 10 I came in for my first stop, a fresh set of Option tyres and a breather. This in turn released the pack which I knew would be lapping quicker than me. I came in in 11th place and exited the pits in 17th place.

After the first round of stops at the end of lap 12 I was back up in to 11th miraculously.

The race continued, a queue of cars behind me and on lap 17 Raikkonen retired his car to leave me sat in 10th place and somehow in a position to score a point! Im not sure what happened with the retirement but this brought the safety car on the track and I made the quick decision to pit for a fresh set of tyres 4 laps earlier than planned hoping that I would join the back of the safety car and be a pit stop ahead of everyone.

I came out in 20th position with a massive 16 laps left on a set of tyres I had planned to do just 12 laps on.

I exited the pits on lap 18 but ended up being the second car behind the safety car and for whatever reason wasn’t allowed past to join the back of pack which left me technically a lap down on everyone!

No one pitted on lap 18 or 19 and at the end of lap 19 the safety car came in.

Lap 20 was hell and I had to spend the whole lap letting everyone past under a blue flag. They then pitted but I was so far behind.

On lap 24 I saw no point in continuing and retired the car whilst in 20th place.

Rosbery crossed the line first to increase his lead and second place Hamilton wasn’t too far behind. Ricciardo pipped Vettel to the line and Button brought the car home in 5th place. Hulkenberg showing the team he is the better driver scoring 2 points for Force India.

So the points table after the third round looks like this.

  1. Rosberg – 100 (-)
  2. Hamilton – 81 (-)
  3. Alonso – 63 (-)
  4. Vettel – 60 (-)
  5. Ricciardo – 60 (-)
  6. Magnussen – 40 (Up 1)
  7. Raikkonen – 34 (Down 1)
  8. Hulkenberg – 22 (-)
  9. Massa – 21 (-)
  10. Button – 20 (-)