Weather: 22C Dry/Sunny

Best Prime: 1:28.187 (Rich Fuel)

S1 – 23.982

S2 – 33.286

S3 – 30.920

Best Option: 1.27.120

S1 – 23.782

S2 – 32.622

S3 – 30.716

The Spanish Grand Prix. I’ve never got on with this track, even in 2010 and 2011 I struggled to compete at this track and it’s no difference this time around. I don’t know if it was the car, or just my dislike for the track but I struggled.

For the first stint I went out with a set of fresh Prime tyres and ran 5 flying laps posting my fastest of 1.28.874 which at the time left me in 19th. I then made a couple of tweeks to the setup and went out on the same set of tyres which were holding up well to be honest. After a further 5 laps the best I could squeeze was a 1.28.187, over half a second quicker than my previous best but still lacking.

Finally I took a brand new set of Option tyres out for a further 5 laps and turned the traction control down to medium to see if that gave me a stronger launch from the corners and managed to go a full second quicker, mainly due to the tyres. The best I could manage was a 1.27.120 which ended practice with me in 16th.


Weather: 22C Dry / Cloud

Target: 15th

Best Q1: 1.26.813

S1 – N/A

S2 – N/A

S3 – N/A

Qualifying Position: 22nd

I wasn’t holding much  hope on this track but needed to make it through to Q2 like the previous race. I didn’t bother with the Prime tyres as I knew it would be marginal to get through. I ran just a total of 3 laps and could not get anything out of the car. The first stint gave me a fastest time of 1.27.286 which was similar to the Practice laps I was putting in.

I then went out and completed one last flying lap and managed to better the time with a 1.26.813 which, unfortunately, left me dead last.

A long race day ahead.

Rosberg qualified 1st followed by Hamilton in 2nd and Vettel in 3rd. Hulkenberg in a respectable 11th.