Season 1 – Race 5

Spanish Grand Prix

Circuit De Barcelona-Catalunya

Length: 4.655 KM / 2.892 Miles

Turns: 16

Weather: All 3 days were forecast dry and warm.

Car: Force India



Front: 2

Rear: 1


Balance: Front 49 / Rear 51

Pressure: High


Front: 3

Rear: 4


Front Ride Height: 2

Rear Ride Height: 2

Front Springs: 4

Rear Springs: 5

Engine: 83%


Camber Front: -3.30

Camber Rear: -1.30

Toe Front: 0.13

Toe Rear: 0.44

The Spanish Grand Prix (Spanish: Gran Premio de España, Catalan: Gran Premi d’Espanya) is a Formula One race currently held at the Circuit de Barcelona-Catalunya in Barcelona. The race is one of the oldest in the world still contested, celebrating its centenary in 2013. The race had modest beginnings as a production car race. Interrupted by the First World War, the race waited a decade for its second running before becoming a staple of the European calendar. It was promoted to the European Championship in 1935 before the Spanish Civil War brought an end to racing. The race was successfully revived in 1967 and has been a regular part of the Formula One World Championship since 1968 at a variety of venues.

More information on the track can be found here.