It won’t be long now.

I shouldn’t be so negative. But I’m going on the fact I started World 88 about 20 days late. It didn’t give me the best of starts but I guess I shouldn’t look for excuses, right?

I created a tribe a couple of weeks ago, The Lone Warriors. We are currently based in Continent 65 in World 88 and are currently rank 3 in the continent. This doesn’t mean much but its not a bad start and to be honest we have a good bunch of members.

Yesterday our top member, Quintana was nobled. He didn’t stand a chance to be honest as the player attacking was 4 times as big as him, not much contest and we couldn’t defend in time. Today our new top member has a noble train incoming so we are trying to defend that but looks as if we are being picked off, one by one.

Other than one other player in our tribe, I am the next biggest player in our tribe so I would assume I’m next which is probably not the best way to look at things but it looks like Im going that way!

Do I have the troops? Yes in some respect. I have the troops to be able to disable a small army. I don’t have the troops to defend against one though and that will be my downfall.

Anyway, this hasn’t happened yet so let’s be positive.

The tribe. Well I think I have done Ok so far. We have around 18k points which as I mentioned earlier is ranked 3 in the Continent so far. I expect that will drop slightly with the impending death, but still!

Saying that, tribe leadership is time consuming. There are so many little details that need to constantly be measured. Growth, activity, mails, diplomacy and recruitment are all just a few of things that each day brings. But is has been enjoyable.

I’m not doing too bad other than that, I think. Currently trying to build/recruit as many troops as possible, farm as much and build as quick as possible. I finally hit 1000 points yesterday so I’m getting there.

Just got to keep pushing I guess and hope for the best! I will be on World 89 though, whenever that will be!