Laps: 28

Weather: 26C Sun / Dry

Start Position: 14th

Target: 11th

Finish: 11th


Start Tyre – Option

Lap 8 – Option

Lap 17 – Prime

Best Lap: 1:43.210

The lights went out and race 4 of the first season got underway to a great start as I found myself clawing through the pack on the first lap to slot myself in to 6th position, surrounded by a much fast group of cars.

With lap 8 coming up I thought the tyres would last but by lap 5 the oversteer was really kicking in but I knew I had atleast 3 laps to go before I could look to change the tyres to keep it to a 2 stop race.

On the end of lap 7, Massa took advantage of my now shredded rears spinning up on the last corner and with a neck and neck sprint to the first corner on lap 8 shot around the outside of turn 1 to take 6th place, putting me back down to 7th.

The first of two stops was at the end of lap 8 in which I came in clutching 7th place, swapped over to a fresh set of Options and came out in 15th with a lot of ground to make up. I knew the cars that didnt pit would still be lapping quicker than me as I was really struggling.

After everyone else has completed their first stops I was sitting (sort of) happily in 10th place having lost 4 places due to the pits. Another car pitting at the end of lap 11 left me in 9th, with points in sight!

I continued to lap around in 9th place, losing ground to both 10th and 8th but I knew I had to keep pushing to secure some much needed points.

The final stop at the end of 17 was here and I came in still in 9th place, exiting in 14th with my last set of tyres, the slower Primes.

The other cars pitted on the end of lap 20 and I managed to creep up to 11th, needing 1 more desperate spot for a point I was praying another car had to pit as I knew I didnt have the outright pace to overtake.

Lap 21 answered my prayers which put me up to 10th – a possible first point in sight with just 7 laps to go!

Lap 23 was when I was lapped by the front runners and it also left me vulnerable to Button who snuck past as I was getting out of the way putting me out of the points in 11th, I didnt have the speed to challenge back and by lap 24 the tyres were gone.

Ive struggled this season so far and this race was the same as the chequered flag confirmed 11th place. Hulkenberg scoring higher again in 9th with Rosberg 1st, Hamilton 2nd and Ricciardo 3rd.

So the points table after the third round looks like this.

  1. Rosberg – 75 (-)
  2. Hamilton – 63 (-)
  3. Alonso – 55 (-)
  4. Vettel – 48 (-)
  5. Ricciardo – 45 (-)
  6. Raikkonen – 34 (-)
  7. Magnussen – 34 (-)
  8. Hulkenberg – 20 (-)
  9. Massa – 17 (-)
  10. Button – 10 (-)

The top 3 in the Constructors Championship is as follows.

  1. Mercedes AMG – 138
  2. Red Bull – 93
  3. Ferrari – 89