Weather: 25C Dry/Sunny

Best Prime: 1:44:142 (Standard Fuel)

S1 – N/A

S2 – N/A

S3 – N/A

Best Option: N/A

S1 – N/A

S2 – N/A

S3 – N/A

With it being the 4th race of the season and the engine taking some wear I didnt want to run too many laps with this engine as the wear was down to 86% so I stuck on a set of Prime tyres and ran a few laps to get used to the track. After that I pitted and took up the R&D Objective of using the throttle for 73.3% of the lap which was achieved to upgrade the car with 10% reduced tyre wear – something that will definately come in handy!

The best time I could managed on the Primes was a 1.44.142 which only left me in 18th place but the car felt good around the corners so I left it at that and moved on to qualifying


Weather: 20C Dry / Cloud

Target: 15th

Best Q1: 1:41.590

S1 – 26.753

S2 – 31.206

S3 – 44.441

Best Q2: 1:41:431

S1 – 26.482

S2 – 30.697

S3 – 44.252

Qualifying Position: 14th

With the car feeling good from Practice I got straight out on track with Q1 knowing how much I have been struggling with Qualifying on the past rounds.

I took a set of Options and ran 3 laps with a heavy fuel mix which left me scraping to get through to the next round in 15th place with a 1.41.600. 3 laps left me with 85% of the tyre left so I used the same set and went out again to try and better my time which was achieved but only slightly with a 1.41.590 at that point leaving me in 16th but just enough to get through to Q2 for the first time this season.

Q2 was the same as Q1, straight out on a fresh set of Options and heavy fuel in which I did 2 fast laps. The fastest being a 1:41:431 which at the time left me in 13th place. I didnt feel as though I had much more in myself or the car so watched the time tick down and only lost a place to finish Q2 in 14th place.