No, Ive not turned in to some sort of Britney Spears tribute act.

So, small update. I was casually playing away on Casual World 2, enjoying my time and slowly continuining to be a complete nobody when I decided I needed to go to Tenerife for two weeks for a Holiday.

Now when I say Holiday, I turn off. The phone is off, no internet, no phone and I just relax with a Take A Break magazine, a couple of word search puzzles and nice refreshing beverage by the pool.

What I didnt realise (and probably should have done some digging) is that 14 days of inactivity results in your account being deleted.

So thats what has happened. My account on Casual World 2 has been deleted and is no longer alive!

Now following on from this post I made a couple of weeks ago, I may have accidently started on a new world – World 88. I cant see me being around much to be entirely honest but I thought I would give it another go since World 87 went down hill very quickly and my pride and joy was removed from me on Casual 2!

So today, the 25th of June 2016, I have joined World 88 and will try my best to get somewhere again on this world. The world started on the 8th of June and the rules and settings can be found here.

I have a “plan” in place and will just follow on from what I was doing originally. I have enough premium points to use the farming assistant help on this world freely enough as I managed to farm over 700 PP from World 87 when everything started to go pear shaped!

Keep your eyes peeled guys, let me know if you are playing and if you arent then get yourself over to Tribal Wars, join up and leave me a message and I will help you in any way possible!