Following on from 25 Ideas To Blog About #1

Every Blogger will come to a stage where they hit a wall.

You know what I mean, you start your Blog, you get a few posts out there with great content and get a good handful of viewers. Then all of a sudden you dont know what to write about. You open a blank page and it stays blank with the dreaded blinking cursor.

Well if that is the case, have a look at a few ideas I have listed below to give you an idea and some inspiration on what to write about.

I have linked to posts I have done so you can get some idea on what you could write if you wanted to use this as a template.

  1. How To DIY – Do you enjoy DIY? Or are you a professional? It doesnt just have to be painting and decorating. It could be putting up furniture, tiling a bathroom or laying a carpet.
  2. Favourite Sport – I personally love playing football. Maybe you are super Rugby fan or in to motorsports. Write about the sport or maybe write about an event you went to.
  3. Favourite Film – Everybody loves film, right? Review a film or talk about your favourite film, actors, genres.
  4. Write About Your Job – Not everybody dislikes what they do for a job. Write about what you do enjoy. Is it stressful, do you like what you do. Try not to slag your boss off though!
  5. Health & Fitness – What is your training routine? Do you go to the gym? Do you run marathons. Maybe you just enjoy a bit of sport.
  6. Fashion – Do you enjoy talking about or shopping for big expensive, designer clothes? Is your look important to you?
  7. Work, Work, Work – Ever feel like all you do is work? Or do you just want to vent some anger? I find typing is rather therapeutic and a good way to vent the stress and frustrations of being at work.
  8. Five Things That Make You Smile – Share what makes you happy!
  9. Blog Of The Month – Do you follow a Blogger and just love to read their content? Maybe do a Blogger or Blog of the month, maybe a top 3? Share their stuff so the world can see!
  10. A List Of Favourite… – Anything, anything at all! Colours, animals, words, handbags. Whatever you love, may a list of your favourite things.
  11. Facts & Figures Of Your Blog – For those that dont care, maybe this isnt for you. I like to know who is reading my stuff and at what time, how many people and what/why they have read my Blog. Make a list of how many views you recieved in the first month, second month etc. Is there a pattern?
  12. Ask Your Readers A Question – This may be hard if you dont have many followers. But if you have a large database of followers, ask them a question. Maybe what they want you to talk about next? Maybe ask them what they like about your content.
  13. Review A Film – It doesnt have to be detailed. Suggest what you liked about a film, your favourite actors or maybe just a quote you really liked.
  14. Worst Film – Write about the worst film you have ever watched. For me, Spring Breakers was and will be the worst film I have ever watched.
  15. An Open Letter To Someone – Have you always wanted to say something to someone? Write them an open letter, address it to them personally!
  16. Money Matters – What do you like to spend money on? Do you have money to spend after all of the bills have been paid? Do you enjoy having money, spending or investing?
  17. Job Interview Tips – Not everyone is very confident when it comes to having an interview and I think it can be a very daunting thing, especially if it your first job. Do you have tips for those that may need help?
  18. Whats In Your Bag – A silly one and maybe just for those woman out there that like to have everything in their bag. The reason this came to mind is when I had to find something in my Girlfriends bag one day and was shocked to find she basically had enough to live in the wild!
  19. 30 Day Challenge – Set yourself a target. Maybe write one post a day for 30 days. Maybe set yourself a challenge to have no caffiene for a month or no junk food?
  20. Write About A Dream – I dont really recall my own dreams so I would be useless at them! But I know people have really vivid dreams so write and share with the world the craziness that goes off inside your head!
  21. Review A Book – Have you read a real page turner? Or maybe it was just a flop? Let everyone know by reviewing a book you have just read.
  22. 5 Facts About Yourself – This doesnt have to be someone no one knows, or maybe it can be?
  23. Tell A Secret – Probably best not telling someone elses secret. But maybe something about yourself that no one knows.
  24. Your Daily Routine – I would literally put you to sleep if I did this. But some people will have really exciting life styles or they are just a little different from the norm.
  25. Review Someones Blog Post – Is there someone out there that you think deserves more coverage. Or you think you could help out with someones writing styles? Everyone should welcome help.