Laps: 28

Weather: 20C Cloudy / Dry

Start Position: 20th

Target: 17th

Finish: 16th


Start Tyre – Prime

Lap 12 – Option

Lap 20 – Option

Best Lap: 1:43.649

With the stratergy set up and the grid ready and rearing to go we got underway for the 28 lap race at Malaysia. After the first lap I had managed to work my way up to 13th as the other racers always seem to have a very slow starting lap.

Lap 5 came and I was loosing a dreadful 2 seconds a lap to 12th place Kvyat but managing to keep 14th, 15th and 16th behind me.

By lap 7 the rear tyres were really struggling and coming out of turns 14 and 15 were a nightmare providing no grip and therefore a lack of speed on the two main straights. By lap 9 the rears had more or less gone completely but I needed atleast 2 more laps to keep going with the stratergy to keep it a 2 stopper.

Just before pitting on lap 12 there was news of Rosberg retiring which pushed me to 11th, just one place from earning points this round so the push was on! After pitting we came out in 18th but the guys in front of me still had to pit.

After the first round of stops, I was back in 12th so had to really get the foot down but was struggling for grip after just 5 laps on the Option tyres and the times were not as good or consistant.

I was back in on lap 20 and exited in 14th but struggled massively with grip in the final stint and with 5 laps to go the tyres were on the way out. 3 laps to go and I dropped to 15th and then the following lap I dropped to 16th which is unfortunately the position I crossed the line in. Still, I completed the target of 17th so got in the teams good books for that!

Hamilton took his first race win, followed by Alonso in second and Vettel in third. Hulkenberg once again finished in the points in 8th.

So the points table after the second round looks like this.

  1. Alonso – 33 (Up 2)
  2. Hamilton – 27 (Up 7)
  3. Rosberg – 25 (Down 2)
  4. Raikonen – 24 (Down 2)
  5. Magnussen – 24 (Down 1)
  6. Vettel – 21 (Up 1)
  7. Ricciardo – 20 (Down 2)
  8. Hulkenberg – 12 (Down 2)
  9. Massa – 12 (Down 1)
  10. Bottas – 2 (New)