Weather: 24C Sunny / Dry

Best Prime: 1:44:798 (Medium Fuel)

S1 – 26.128

S2 – 35.522

S3 – 42.848

Best Option: N/A

S1 – N/A

S2 – N/A

S3 – N/A

The second race of the season got under way and the car felt rather. In fact I was very happy with the car until the lap times came in. The car was stable, no over steer, very good around the fast bends and good in the slow bends.

The engine was down to 95% so was good to go for another couple of weekends at least.

I was confident in the car, just found the straight line speeds rather slow and didnt even manage to get into 8th gear even with DRS which was worrying. I ran 4 laps of lean fuel and 1 medium fuel lap and the best time I could manage was a 1:44:498 which was a terrible 3.721 seconds behind the fastest lap in practice.


Weather: 20C Cloud / Dry

Target: 20th

Best Q1: 1:42:907

S1 – 25.993

S2 – 34.757

S3 – 42.157

Qualifying Position: 20th

Hoping to improve on the Practice times I took out a fresh set of Prime tyres for the first couple of laps, upped the fuel to a heavy mixture and went as quick as I could with the car I had and only managed to post a 1:43:537 after 3 flying laps. The times werent improving so I quickly changed over to Option tyres and had time for another 3 flying laps in which the best time I could achieve was a 1:42:907 which left my in a miserable 20th place.

The fastest time posted by Rosberg was a 1:39:433 followed closely by Hamilton in second and Alonso in third.

Team mate Hulkenberg posted a 1:41:747 to qualify 15th, over 1 second quicker than what I could come up with.