Weather: 28C Sunny / Dry

Best Prime: 1:34:234 (lean fuel)

S1 – 31.101

S2 – 25.570

S3 – 37.563

Best Option: 1:33:019 (lean fuel)

S1 – 30.796

S2 – 25.069

S3 – 37.154

Having not driven the car before I took a set of Prime tyres out for a spin to get a feel of the car and see how it was handling around the corners. The first 10 laps were tough, struggling for pace but the car actually felt very stable, no understeer or oversteer, just a lack of speed.

For the practice runs I was using the lean fuel setting.

My best time from the first 10 laps was 1:34:234 which was well off the pace leaving me in 22nd.

I then took a set of Option tyres out to get a feel and to see the speed different which felt better but only inproved the time by 1.2 seconds leaving me in an overall position of 20th.


Weather: 28C Sunny / Dry

Target: 11th

Best Q1: 1:31:738

Qualifying Position: 22nd

With qualifying we upped the fuel mixture to heavy, took some fresh Option tyres and went for it. Still struggling with the pace of things I couldnt get the car through to Q2 and ended with my best time of 1:31:739. Significantly faster than Practice but still condiserably slower than the rest of the pack. This has left me at the back of the pack for the race tomorrow.

The times didnt look promising either. The cut off for Q2 was 1:29:811 and 1st place (Ricciardo) posted a 1:28:308 which was over 3 seconds faster than my time.

On top of that my team mate (Hulkenberg) qualified 10th showing the car is actually capable.