Every Blogger will come to a stage where they hit a wall.

You know what I mean, you start your Blog, you get a few posts out there with great content and get a good handful of viewers. Then all of a sudden you dont know what to write about. You open a blank page and it stays blank with the dreaded blinking cursor.

Well if that is the case, have a look at a few ideas I have listed below to give you an idea and some inspiration on what to write about.

I have linked to posts I have done so you can get some idea on what you could write if you wanted to use this as a template.

  1. Tutorials – What do you enjoy doing? Maybe you are interested in decorating or cooking, well post a How To about your favourite hobby.
  2. Favourite Tv Show – Do you like The Simpsons? Whats your favourite episode? Maybe its a series you want to write about.
  3. Write A Story – Anything, it can be about anything, just let your juices flow.
  4. Review Some News – Have you seen something in the news recently that you want to express your opinion on?
  5. Write About A Failure – We have all been there right? Let others know what happened so maybe others will not make the same mistake!
  6. 1 Year Plan – Do you have a plan for your Blog? Or Maybe in real life? Let people know. This is also a good way of keeping them diarised!
  7. Favourite Meal – What is your favourite meal of all time?
  8. Top 5 Bloggers – Post and write about your top 5 Bloggers.
  9. A Day In The Life – Chose a day of your life and write about it as you go, filling in all the nitty gritty details.
  10. Write An Original Poem – Give it a go, you may surprise yourself!
  11. Write About Social Media – Facebook, Instagram, Twitter. Hey what about Myspace, Bebo?
  12. Bucket List – List everything you want to do before you die. Maybe include where and how you want to do it to!
  13. 100 Blog Post Ideas – Just dont copy this one!
  14. Write An Opening Chapter To A Book – Its not as easy as it sounds! Give it a go. Link back to this page and I will have a read!
  15. Post A Photo – Do you have a photo that you love? Share it with the world.
  16. Set A Challenge – It could be a daily challenge or a 30 day challenge!
  17. Run A Quiz – Everyone loves a quiz, right? Maybe offer a prize to the winner!
  18. Interview A Blogger – Do you know some up coming Bloggers you would like to interview? Drop them a message and arrange for it to be done!
  19. Talk ABout Your Transport – Whether you drive, ride or just walk! What do you like about your transport?
  20. Speaking Other Languages – Can you?
  21. How To Be A Real Friend – Give tips to those that, well, cant!
  22. Healthy Eating Blog – I cant help you with this! Do you love a good fruit smoothie or a salad? Help those that would prefer a burger!
  23. Playing An Instrument – Can you play? What do you play? Do you have videos?
  24. Life With Kids – What is life with kids like? Would you have it any other way?
  25. How To Write A Blog – Write a guide on blogging for those who are struggling to get started.