Can I help but find faults with games? Can I balls – Ah, ironic really using the word balls on a football review. Such a clever little boy I am.

Fifa 2015. Or Fifa 15, whatever you want to say.

Yes the game is good, that’s the only adjective I could pluck from my never ending, fabulous list of describy words.


No really it is really good I mean its a huge step up on the last Fifa I played, Fifa 10 or was it 13?


Still it’s a couple of years ago.

I don’t buy the game each year. I mean what changes? Better graphics and some prettier faces. Neither of them are points Im arsed about.

However this is me, I’m not IGN or Gamespot or whatever other website you read up on your beloved games. I find faults, stuff that you wouldn’t or may not give two shits about. Stuff that will always, well, wing me up.

Make my blood boil.

Now please bear in mind. My experience on this game so far comes from a full season, in league 2, in the sunny United Kingdom on a professional difficulty. Nothing else, that is all I’ve played so I may be being a bit rash, but this is Fifa and its the same in every match you play because the AI is a load of unreleastic rubbish. Sorry.

The main thing that I cant understand is, the opponents will not shoot. They just wont. Unless they are a few feet from the goal line, they will not shoot. Now like I say this may be the league im in, but I’ve seen the television before and players do shoot from outside of the box, it is allowed so why on gods green god damn earth will they not shoot?!

In fact its not the league, I played Everton in the FA cup and they wouldn’t shoot. Artificial Unintelligence is probably more accurate. The only time a ball is placed towards the goal is if that striker is 6 inches from the net or heading a cross, is this the same for anyone else as it drives me absolutely wild when you would normally shoot in a real life match but they try as hard as possible to walk in to the net!


Ahhh yes, the difficult goalkeepers. Before I bought this game I read as many reviews on this game as possible. “The goalkeepers are superhuman” is what most reviews said. I disagree to a point. Its not hard to score against them but it becomes remarkably easy to score against them if you use a placed pass or a headed cross or corner.

Its very possible to score normally, I wouldnt say the goalkeepers are that difficult. Maybe its become Im playing on Professional but place a shot or head the ball and its likely going in the back of the net.

What else do I not understand?

Well its 2015, well its 2016 but the game is 2015. The pitch does not, even in this day and age, does not deteriorate. It doesnt change. Its doesnt get more muddy, it doesnt get holey, it doesnt get marked when you slide tackle. The goalkeepers area doesnt change in any way, no matter how long Mr Gloves has been stood there ruining the grass.

By the end of the game, you wouldnt have even noticed a game has been played.

To end on a positive note, the game is so much smoother than I remember older versions of the game being. So much more fluent but as Ive mentioned about, not without its flaws.

Leave a comment on what you think to the game, do you enjoy it? What do you think to the points made above?