Breaking News! Mr Cliffe (that’s me, I’m a real person but also a fake football manager trying my hardest to make it to the Barclays Premier League on a 2 year old game…)

Where was I?

That’s right…

Mr Cliffe has been called up for international management.

Now being English, residing in the UK and managing a successful lower league ENGLISH team…

Paraguay. That’s who I’ve been asked to manager.

But hell, why not? Its not as if I’ve got enough on my hands trying to teach acne riddled 18 year old to play football, manage finances on whilst over paying everyone’s wages, fighting to be the best on F1 2014 at the start of the season as well as trying to navigate my way through some ice field on Final Fantasy XIII…

So I’ve been given the role as manager for the Paraguayan international team.

Well, I don’t even know any players who play in England so choosing a squad for a country I have not and will probably never visit has been interesting.

So with that in mind, this should be fun going forward.

The League 1 battle has also got under way and with mostly success. 5 games in, 4 wins and a draw.

But again, the Capitol One Cup was pulled out of my sights once again, this time away at Blackpool who won 1-0.

Still there’s always next year…