I’m done playing Tribal Wars competitively. No really, I am.

And I will tell you why. The game is great, its a great concept and its a great idea.

But the thing I cannot stand which I swear wasn’t the case when I used to play 5-6 years ago is the sheer amount of premium points being spent.

I don’t actually have the facts but I know its an inconceivable amount.

The basis of the game was to farm your ass off to get as many resources as you can to upgrade and build, become stronger and conquer.

I’ve spent the last month literally farming 24/7, no break. Farming at work, farming at home. Farming, farming, f**king farming.

But wait. If you, like others have done, spend some premium points which are easily achievable over previous worlds you don’t need to farm 24/7. In fact you get enough boosts to be miles ahead within weeks.

Now this gives me a slight disadvantage as I am not willing to pay for a game of this “standard” – what I mean is, its nothing special, its repetitive and if I explained it to you, you would be bored to tears instantly.

The game is great, literally a lot of fun, you meet new people and have a laugh. But if player A spends more money than player B they get instant upgrades, more resources etc etc.

I’m not going to continue to rant, but that’s that.

So I will continue playing Casual World 2 mainly because of how relaxed it is. Its basically like playing offline as such.

I will also join new worlds and the reason for that will be simply to farm premium points to spend on the casual world.

Can I see Tribal Wars being around forever? No not really. I don’t really know how they make money to be honest other than ads as I know many players have 10k plus premium points and have never spent a penny on the game so not really sure on that. But I do hope the game carries on, I wont be playing competitively for the foreseeable future though but will keep you up to date on the worlds I do play currently!