Starting a free blog isn’t difficult. If you are looking to start a blog to make money or as a business idea then this probably isn’t the guide for you. This guide or how to will run through the basics of starting your very own free blog. Then you can look to move on once things are going or maybe just dive straight into it.

This is just a way of starting a free blog, for simple and personal use.

I, like many others out there, asked the very same question that has probably lead you right here in the first place. Ive sprawled the internet for all of the answers and done my very best to help out with this guide.

“How do I start a blog?”

There are now hundreds of different options for starting a blog, this may even be a reason why you are struggling. What Im going to aim to do is help you get started, get going and get your first blog up and running in a matter of minutes.

First of all before we get started let me explain why you should use this guide because I’ve checked and there are literally hundreds if not thousands out there. The reason is simple. I’ve been in this position before, I’ve done the research and I’ve spent countless hours, even days reading up on what do to.

So shall we get started? Let’s have you up and running within less time it will take me to write this guide out!

1 – Choosing a provider

There are many, many free platforms you can use but by far the best at the minute is WordPress. They offer a free blog with endless options, themes and possibilities to create and post on your blog.

2 – Register Your Blog

Click on the “Create Website” button and choose what your website is about. This doesnt mean you have to stick to that “genre” – so just chose whatever you feel like your blog will be about.

Registering is simple. Just fill in the details, add your desired domain and register.

3 – Choosing a Theme

Time to choose a theme. There are hundreds of free themes to choose from and you can also choose to pay for a theme if you want to do that. But since this is guide for a free blog, choose one you like and lets get a post out there!

Another thing to be aware of is that you are not limited to this theme. The one you chose will not be the one you are stuck with, you can change at any time you like!

4 – Pick A Domain Name

You want something quirky and that people with remember as well as short and snappy.

It also has to be unique and informative to explain what the blog is about for example you don’t want to be writing about aeroplanes if your blog is called Freddys Football Factory.

If you are sticking with WordPress’ free domain it will look something like however there are options to upgrade to take the .wordpress. bit out for a small cost. We will cover this another time but first we are making our free blog!

5 – Changing Your Blogs Title.

The title is what shows are the top of the blogs page. So if you go to my home page here you will see that it says “Its Just Life” – this is the title.

You will want to change your title to whatever you want so once you login you will be in the WordPress administrator area. This is where you will make any changes you want to your blog. To get things started, change the title of your blog. To do this, go to the bottom of the left menu and click “Settings”.

On this screen you can change your “Site Title” and also the subtitle, known as your “Tagline”. Once you are happy with your choices hit “Save Changes”.

You can also spend some time looking at the other options for your site, but since this is a guide for beginning a blog, we will leave that to one side for now.

6 – Your First Post

So, you have set up your free blog on WordPress. You have changed the title to something cool yet informative and now its time to write something… to blog.

Using the left hand menu, click on “Add” to create a new post. You will be provided with a blank canvas in which it is time to release your mind on!

The top box is for your title which you will need to enter something in. This will be the title for the post and will show on your main page too.

The box below that is where will you write anything that you would like to post.

You can add pictures, videos and change the font, have a play around and once you are happy we can move on to publish your work for all to see

7 – Publishing

When you have finished writing, have added any media and checked you are happy with the content of your blog its time to publish.

On the left hand side hit publish to send your post straight out there.

You can also chose to schedule the post for later on in the day or for another day entirely. The choice is yours!


You have just posted your first blog post, exciting right?

Now you have the urge to post more, so do it!

And that is how its done! Congratulations! You have successfully created a blog and posted your very first post!

Now sit back, relax and get thinking about what you want to write about next!

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