Im no foody.

Dont get me wrong, I love food. But the main reason we eat out alot is due to not having to cook after work or clean up – I hate that!

So with my girlfriends lack of taste for any food on this planet and her inability to try something new… we tried something new!

Well I say new, the food was anything different. It was Italian. But we hadnt been there before so we class it as trying something new… ok?

We had been told to try this place and had been wanting to do so for a while. But we normally go places on a spur of the moment thing and this place needed booking an advance. So instead of living life a second at a time we took the plunge, booked this place and I cant for the life of me remember what it was called!


*Googles “Italian In Chesterfield*

Found it!


We had been told to go there, because it was apparently the “nicest place to eat in Chesterfield” – Well, it was time to put that to the test!

Walking in, the place was lovely. Very “authentic” and family run. The staff spoke Italian which is such a lovely accent.

The joy didnt last long! Table was booked for 8:30pm. I hate to sound like an arse but I kind of expect to be seated for 8:30, not 20 minutes later.

Still, we were sat down and handed the menus. All Italian dishes, pasta, pizza, pasta and pizza…

I cant remember what I had, well I can but I dont remember the name of it. It was large pasta loops, bacon, spinach and then bolognese sauce.

We had to wait, what? 40 minutes for the food to come and I will be honest – it was just a glorified ready meal. You know something that you would find in a supermarket. It was nice but nothing special.

So although the actual restuarant was nice, pretty and very Italian looking, the food for me was a dissapointment and probably somewhere I wouldnt eat again.

But then again, I dont get much choice when it comes to choosing what we have to eat!