I fully understand that we, as humans, are born in to different standards of life.

“In The End We Only Regret The Chances We Didnt Take”

Some people may be born with rich parents, go to private school or maybe even have home education. Some people, on the other hand, may have a tough upbringing, neglecting parents and a poor education.

With that said, as individuals, we are provided with countless opportunities in life to “become something”

What I mean is, it doesnt matter where you went to school. It doesnt matter if your parents are Lords or Unemployed. You have to make yourself something or someone you want to be.

You cannot blame your upbringing for failing in life.

I get very frustrated seeing people wasting their time, wasting their life with not getting a job, not trying at school, not making the most of life. I dont believe that we are re-incartnated so the life we are given is the life we need to live.

Become the person you want to be. If you want a job, go and get one. I have seen many people snub a job in McDonalds, KFC or a cafe. But see the bigger picture. You start off as a front of shop person, taking orders at McDonalds. Now I dont know what the wage is for this place and obviously it will differ in different countries or towns. But you work your way up, you take the opportunities you are given and move your way up that ladder. Next thing you know, that role that you originally snubbed is now a managerial position and your income has doubled, you gain experience in that role and have a great CV.

Think about it.

“The Bigger The Challenge, The Bigger The Opportunity”

I dont mean for this to be a lecture, to look like Im having a go at things but I just wish people would see the bigger picture. Open your eyes and grab what you can see.