Today I have found myself getting overly excited.

Why, I hear you shout at the computer screen in pure excitement!

Well, keep your hair on, sit down and I will explain…

I’m one of those lucky people that gets to enjoy a holiday abroad at least once a year. I don’t recall a year where we haven’t been away and this year is no different.

To be honest I feel like I work hard enough during the year to treat myself to a couple of weeks where I can bathe myself in pure UV rays without any care in the world.

For the past two years we have ventured over to the lovely Canary Island of Lanzarote and stopped in the same hotel in Puerto Del Carmen. I will be honest, it’s such a lovely place. Unfortunately I wasn’t blogging last year so haven’t been able to share with you the experience, which I would have loved to do. We didn’t have one bad day of weather, in fact I do recall getting very burnt on the first day and then waddled around in pain for the following couple of days as red as a lobster!

We stopped in a Thomson hotel, the Cinco Plaza, which was perfect for what we wanted. I’m not one for flash, 5* hotel. As long as the rooms are clean and have everything we needed eg a bed, fridge and a balcony then that’s all that is needed, right? We like to go out for food rather than stick in the hotel. I know people like to stay in the hotel and that is fine, each to their own but we enjoy eating in different places, trying different things.

I say trying different things. I try different things. My girlfriend just has chicken, chicken from different restaurants – That is what she classes as trying different things.

Anyway, I seem to be going off track here. I’m trying to explain why I’m excited…

In just two weeks we will be finishing our last shift before we fly off to Tenerife, to somewhere new.

Los Gigantes.

We haven’t been here before, so will not be able to tell you about it until we come back but this is the exact reason I’m so excited.

The working month is coming to an end and I just cannot wait to get away from here!