I find blogging very difficult.

The thing that spurs me on mostly are the figures. I like seeing that people have read my posts, have liked them and have left me a little comment.

But I understand my posts are one in a million posts about the same thing. Like a piece of grain in a wheat field.

We all try to be unique, I love reading original work. Thats what I try to do and I do that by writing about my life. Surely my life if different to everyone elses?

What gets you going? Do you like knowing people are reading your posts? Do you mind if they dont?

I find myself posting for the sake of posting, not because I have something interesting to post and because I have got myself into a method of posting atleast once a day, I feel pressured to keep that momentum up rather than taking a break, finding some inspiration and posting something fun and interesting.

Im currently looking for inspiration, for something to write about as Im going through that block. That mental block Ive read so much about.