Help me.

No really,  I need some sort of advice here.

I follow quite a few people on WordPress, mainly because I enjoy reading the vast amount of posts that people put up there. The difference between peoples writing methods is fascinating, it really is and its great to read peoples different styles and views.

But it baffles me how people find the time to keep this going. Ive been really struggling recently with time management.

Not only that but I have no laptop at home any more so I can only post whilst Im working. Doesnt help in any way.

I see people posting 3-5 posts a day and just wondered where you get your inspiration from? Im struggling to keep up with one post a day and its getting me down. I want to write, I want to share my thoughts with you but Im seriously struggling to find the time!

Any help guys? What do you do to manage the time to post?