The Daily Prompt today brings me to think and talk about the different stages in life.

I see being born, being a child and growing up in school as stage one.

Im currently sat at stage two, the working life.

After working our butts off at school, we are unleashed in to the open world of work. To make money, to pay for our food which for most of us was free up until this stage. Ironic really.

I enjoyed school. I enjoyed my childhood. I had it easy to be honest and did really well at school. Well I say really well. I got more than a few gold start and moved on to further education, something I regretted more or less instantly.

By that time I was bored of school, bored or learning and wanted to earn. I already had a part time job and having to juggle midnight finishes along with being up at 7am to get to Sixth Form, it wasnt the best thing I chose to do and within a few months I had given up.

I left sixth form and quickly left my part time job for a job in the Motor Industry. Selling vehicle finance to all and everyone.

7 years down the line Im sat here, typing this away in order to please others. But still sat at work slaving away to keep the roof above my head.

Ive settled down though, I have a beautiful girlfriend by my side and she is there for me no matter how many breakdowns I have.

Phase two. Well I see this going on until I retire. Ive always said that if I get to the retirement age and Im still in work, I have failed my goal. I want to be out of work before I retire, before I become to old to enjoy later life.

I will work my butt off until then, to earn as much as possible, to get to a position where I can support my family and spend as much time as them as possible without needing to work. How I will do that, I dont quite know. But that is the plan.