We all have dreams, don’t we. Everyone will be different.

I have quite a vivid imagination but my dreams are simple. I’m very much spurred on by money and most things revolve around money, right?

I wouldn’t say these are dreams. Just things I want to accomplish in life. I don’t yet know how these will be done, hey maybe I will one day become a very popular blogger and just let the money roll in from there. But whilst I only have 20 followers and average about 30 views a day, I think I will have to find something else to do in the mean time!

My house, our house. I don’t think the house we live in at the minute is my idea of a dream house. Its not what I would draw up if I was asked to show a drawing of my idea of my dream house. I wouldn’t have anything massive, but alot of land, a beautiful gravel drive and a fountain on the drive. A large garage to contain my many motorbikes, a classic mini and some other cars. Ahhh

What else do I dream of? Well I’m keeping this personal. I don’t want to go on about world peace, no hunger etc, if you don’t dream that, well id suggest taking a long hard look in the mirror. But I want to keep this personal, what I want in my life. You cant always do things for others, but you can accomplish things for yourself. Which is what I aim to do.

I love cars, I love bikes. I’d love to have a collection of bikes. Bikes that aren’t falling to pieces, rotting away in my garage which funnily enough is rotting away with it! I’d love a classic mini. You know the ones Mr Bean had. A dark blue Mini Cooper. Bikes, well there’s too many to list but I’d have as many as I could fit in my garage.

One dream that is currently coming true is to go away at least once a year. I don’t like the UK. I like getting away, somewhere hot. Away from the internet, away from Brits and away from work. I love going away, I love getting out of here. Feeling free and released for just two weeks.

I dream of happiness. I get this day in day out when I wake up next to my girlfriend. She is a dream all in herself.

I would happily wake up from all of the above dreams, just to see the girl next to me, sleeping away in her dreams.