I wasn’t going to write today. What with it being such a beautiful day outside. I was just going to leave it, have a day off.

Then my girlfriend reminded me I haven’t posted today and told me to do. So that was that.

What to talk about though? Well no much really, just a relaxing, nonsensical ramble and hopefully a couple of you will continue reading to catch up on what I been doing recently.

I haven’t been doing much, shhh.

When the weekend comes around, I just stop. I stop doing the washing, the cleaning. You know I just stop.

So Friday came and the weekend started, so naturally I stopped!

Saturday, I literally cant remember what we did yesterday. One second…

Ahh yes, we went shopping. I mean who else loves shopping? Everyone right?

I don’t.

I don’t like parting with money. So that was… Enjoyable.

Today has been better though, its been really sunny which has scared me to be honest. The UK rarely sees sun and the odd day when we do, we like to moan about it. But I won’t do that.

We went out to watch a stunt bike show which was alright, nothing special but you know, alright.

My god I sound like such a boring human. I swear we are more fun than this, but writing this seriously makes me question it.

We have mainly been getting ready for our holiday to Tenerife which is just over two weeks away. So other than packing, I’ve been trying to piece together a few posts to schedule for when we are away as im not one to spend any time on my phone when im holiday. It actually makes me giggle when I see people hunting for WiFi when they are away so they can drop something on Facebook. Honestly if you cant give facebook a break for 2 weeks you have something dreadfully wrong with you.

With that said, I will let you go. Enjoy the rest of your Sunday and come back tomorrow!


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