With the saddening recent news this past couple of days of Flight MS804 crashing and the sudden death of the 66 passengers, I just wanted to get your opinions on what you thought caused the matter?

Being an intrigued reader of the news, I’m not that interested when it comes to Justin Beibers shoes or Kim Kardashians lumps and humps but these kind of stories do fascinate me.

They fascinate me in a way where I struggle to fully comprehend how I can be sat in an office chair whilst something like this terrifying and heartbreaking incident is occurring.

I am a vivid reader when it comes to terrorism as I would like to learn and understand more about what is going on in the world and why this is happening. Because lets be honest, we have it easy here in the UK.

Was it terrorism? Well we don’t know yet. But with previous actions and attacks, groups such as ISIS are very quick to come forward, to admit they did it and to spread the fear.

I personally don’t know. I wasn’t on the plane and I guess until the black box is recovered and investigated, we wont know.

What does spring to mind though is the information provided about the sharp turns that occurred before the plummet. Was this some kind of struggle?

But further information has suggested there was a fire on board, not that of a bomb.

I will be following the outcome of this investigation but would like to hear your thoughts on the matter too.

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