Don’t you just love seeing people singing away in their cars as they are driving by? I do. Not only is it visually comical but also begs the question “What are they singing?”

My girlfriend and I listen to totally different music, we have different tastes and that’s fine but when we are in the car, regardless of what song is on we always have a sing along together!

Now believe me, I wont be going on X Factor and Britain’s Got Talent any time soon. Mainly because I cant sing for X Factor and I don’t have a dog or a polish accent for BGT. Too far? Probably best to turn away and walk off as I wont be changing any time soon.

Still, it wont stop me singing my little heart out as I’m driving along.

All jokes aside. And I was making jokes. Or at least trying…

One of the songs I truly love is the birds singing. They won’t be going in the charts any time soon but hearing the birds in the morning really puts a smile on my face. Such a relaxing, soothing sound that everyone should appreciate.

The final piece of music I love to hear is the sound of my bikes. Only bike owners and bike fans will know what I mean but to hear the bike start up, rev and the noise when coming off of the throttle, I find that pure bliss.