How long has it been now? 6 years I think since I moved in to my first house.

Annoyingly, I never took any pictures of it… I normally just clutter my camera with pictures of my cats or motorbikes. Not ideal and literally has no use other than the odd “Aww” when showing people my cats.

I’m strange like that.

They do say a house is not a home without a cat. I wouldnt really agree with that. They are pains in the back sides! Pulling the carpet up, scratching at the doors and only showing “love” when they want feeding. But I wouldnt have them any other way…

I guess!

I’ve never had the feeling of “home” here. I think it’s because I don’t spend that much time there to be honest. 8-7:30 at work and then more or less straight to bed when I get in.

I love what we have, but I feel like its a place I go to just eat and sleep most of the time. Its not until Saturday and Sunday when you get to just chill that it actually means something to me. To be able to spend time with my loved one and just watch the day pass by.

I’m an old man like that you know. Bed early. I don’t sleep, just lay there thinking about the words Im going to splatter on my next blog post.

I think it will start to feel more “homely” once the family is here. The little one is due in November just in time for Christmas. So by then I aim to be a blogging success and a multi-millionaire.

Hey we can all dream…

Do you guys have your own house? Don’t you just hate cleaning up? I cant stand the noise of the hoover for one. That’s never a good start.

I love a clean house though, no dust, no mess. But that never happens in my house. I can never find the time to clean and my girlfriend, well…

She was never in the classroom when whoever said woman should do all the cooking and cleaning was teaching!

But still, she helps out once I give her a nudge and then another nudge.

And another…

But I am proud of my house, our house. To be on the property ladder at the age I am and to be in a secure and safe place.

It’s a positive place to be.