I have just been passed a golden envelope…

One flap has been opened slightly…

The tension is building…

And the figures are in!

Yesterday (19th May 2016) was the blogs best every day for views with 49 views. Just short of the magical 50 I have been aiming for this month but still a few days left in order to hit this number!

I have been pushing for more and more views and you guys have really helped!

Not only that but the Blog received its most likes too, however this was down to a certain someone liking more or less every post that I have written! Still, since I appreciate the work, go check them out and read their stuff here.

There are still 11 days left to get the figures up, to hit 50 views and succeed!

Don’t get me wrong, I know 50 isn’t much for some, well for most of you but it’s still an achievement for me after just 3 months!

Next month will be a struggle, we go on holiday for a couple of weeks from the 9th and fly off to sunny Tenerife where there will be no “fresh” posts for 2 weeks. I am currently scheduling a few posts so they post whilst I’m away, just to keep you all smiling and busy!

Again, thank you all for spending the time to read, like, comment and follow. It means so much to me and pushes me to keep going each and every day.

So if you haven’t already, please hit like, please drop a comment and hit that follow button!