Ahh, it’s never a good start when you have to Google the word to find out what on earth you are meant to be writing about.

Great start.

So for any of you, like me, that don’t know what this means.

1 – dreamily or wistfully thoughtful: a pensive mood.

2 – expressing or revealing thoughtfulness, usually marked by some sadness: a pensive adagio.

Which unfortunately hasn’t helped or hasn’t made the light bulb in my mind ping.


I don’t have time to think normally. I work in an office, with the phones buzzing off the hook constantly. Its not an ideal job but it pays well.

Normally my main thought process starts when I settle down in bed, lights off and then all the cogs start working, keeping me up all hours of the night wanting to put pen to paper. But I don’t want to put pen to paper.

I want to sleep.


It then results in this. This can of sugar and tooth rot. Heart problems and caffeine.

But I cant help it, I end up deep in thought, I can shut everything else and think about what I want to write.

See I no longer have a laptop or computer at home. I have to write at work which means my content isnt as extensive as I wish it would be as…

*picks up the ringing phone*

This – I don’t get time to think. Time to elaborate on what Im saying.

I feel like I’m not just smashing posts out. Posts with little content, little fun.

I find it hard.

Not only that but I don’t sleep any more, I have words flying around my head wanting to be placed on paper, but I just want to sleep.

How do you guys cope with this? Surely you get thoughts about writing, how do you cope with work and writing at the same time?