Well, 3 months in.

Today marks the 3 months from when this blog first started.

Well where do I start? To be honest I don’t know, I made the mistake of not really knowing this when I started the blog in the very first place. I had no real goal, or direction. Still dont to be honest, I just like getting things out there, emptying my sorry little head and splattering my thoughts all over the place.

I do kind of now have a vision and will be moving on from here on. I just need to crack on with it!

I’ve been writing about a few gaming things that have been going on as well as a few important things that have been happening in my life, kind of like a diary system used to keep track of things that are happening. I understand that this maybe isn’t the best content to be posting for my aim of visitors and goals so this is where I have been doing my research to hopefully progress for the next 3 months.

So here are my stats for the first ever 3 months of the blog being up and running.

Total Posts: 34 (excluding this one)
Views: 561
Visitors: 200
Best Views: 46 (13th May 2016)

So with that information I have set myself a goal. Now I think this is important as it gives me something to work to, to strive and to beat!

I work well with targets, with goals and I use these to give me a reason to push.

So here is what I want to be up to by the end of the next 3 months.

Total Posts: 100
Views: 3000
Visitors: 350

How I wish to achieve this has been planned but I also want to ask a massive favour from all that reads this. If you could be so kind please do at least one if not all of the following as this will urge me to continue!

So please LIKE, COMMENT and FOLLOW my work, keep me on my toes and keep me motivated.

In return I will visit your blog and follow your work because in the end its you guys that keep me going day in day out

If you have any advice, Im more than happy to listen, to take that advice and to move forward, so keep me going!