I wrote a nice little guide up the other day which can be found here and one of the mistakes I mentioned was writing whilst busy.

I struggle to avoid this. I spend most of my time at work and have very little access to a computer outside of work. Not only that but I have things to do, like everyone, after work.

It really does baffle me to see how much some people post. Like how they can find the time to do so. it baffles me, but I appreciate the time they put in to post different things.

I started this blog 3 months ago and have struggled to get going to be honest. I have no real direction other than diarising my life, which isnt the most enjoyable and exciting but it was to help me cope with problems in my own life – to clear my head.

Since gaining a few followers, I wanted to offer you something to read, you know something fun, exciting. So this is what Im currently working on and posting regularly, like the Daily Prompt has helped me to do this. Its not what I want to do though, I want to write original, funny, exciting content which Im currently struggling to find the motivation to do so.

But it is great to see fellow Bloggers flourishing, their content is amazing and it is great to read.