I don’t like being here.

Going to the hospital that is.

Let’s roll back the time, maybe a month ago. Now I’m not exactly spotty, but I do get the odd spot and when I get a spot it seems to be mountainous. I probably don’t help the fact that I sit and pick, squeeze and prod them when I’m bored and also when I’m in deep concentration.

I know what you are thinking, a man in deep concentration? Well it does actually happen, albeit not common but it does happen, I can assure you!

Anyway this spot rather rapidly turned into a volcano, it was basically a cyst but was advised by everyone but myself to go to the doctors. I knew it would go away eventually, they all do. But to be on the safe side…

You don’t really know me but I don’t like wasting doctors time or anyone’s time for the matter and I can’t stand waiting rooms. Now I appreciate the free health service we have, don’t get me wrong, but when people turn up because they have a grazed knee…

Go away.

Anyway the doctors referred me for an ultra sound to “make sure”.

Let me butt in, I’ve now been transferred from one waiting room to another room. Same situation, sitting there with the others, waiting for my name to be mumbled…

So anyway back to the story, the doctors referred me to a hospital to have an ultrasound which I’m currently waiting to have.

I don’t want to have it and the cyst is more or less gone. Which, if anything, makes me feel like I’m wasting even more time!

Still, at 9:41am, the waiting game begins…

That’s another thing I dislike, or should I stay cannot bear.

My appointment was at 9:30. I arrived early, I’ve sat and waited and I know it’s not the hospitals fault but why am I still waiting now at 9:43? I’ve never had an appointment running on time in the hospital. Yet if I was late, well god forbid that!

I guess I can get my pay back when the baby is due, I will make sure we keep them waiting a couple of hours! Well if its anything like me, that will happen anyway for the fun side of things. I guess it won’t be funny at the time when my girlfriend is in a world of pain!

In and out for 9:53, perfect. Now to find my way out “just left at that door” – to get out I’ve literally taken 7 lefts and 4 rights. The maze of minute sign posts.


They don’t think it’s anything serious which is good enough for me. Probably not good for you as you were waiting for some gruesome story about how the side of my head imploded, weren’t you?

They know what they are talking about anyway!

And for once I’m okay with paying for parking. Not normally, oh no. I tend to moan about stuff like this, but not today, it’s the least I can do for a free health service!