The concept of Blogging is simple. Find a blogging format, create a blog and get positing.


Well yes, but no at the same time.

Maybe Im just confusing you, sorry!

People that haven’t blogged before see blogging as easy. Sit on your sofa all day, feet up, tv on with a nice hot cup of your favourite beverage. Oh how wrong they are.

What I mean is, it’s very simple to create a Blog, to post and to keep positing.

But as anyone who has been blogging for a few months knows, it’s not always simple to gain traffic, readers, viewers and subscribers and to keep those people coming back for more. That in turn can make people feel demotivated.

I, like many others have been ready to quit, throw in the towel and just move on to something else. But I found Blogging a great way to spend spare time, to get ideas out there and to empty my mind. I don’t do this as a job, I do this as a hobby and I think most people do. Obviously there is an income to be made out of blogging but it also a great way to express yourself and release your inner feelings.

I’ve read endless guides, tips, hints and Do’s and Don’ts and have complied a Guide together for those people that are starting out fresh and want a little helping hand.

So let’s get on with it shall we? Heres is a list of mistakes that are made on a daily basis. Now don’t take these as gospel, this is just what I have come across but will help when writing your posts.


#1 – Lack Of Original Content

It would be impossible to count the amount of blogs out there. There are probably millions of different blogs, set up by different people but is only a limit amount of things you can talk about. Not only that but what you think may be original and different has probably been covered 100 times over by different people.

Thinking of an idea can be very time consuming and extremely frustrating. There are a lot of Bloggers out there so its more than likely every idea thinkable has been used at least once.

This isn’t to say that unoriginal content will not get you noticed, it is still possible but if you think about lets say Football. How many people in the world are going to be writing about this one sport?

Endless right?

So say you are on Google and type in “Blogs About Football” – you get the picture don’t you, there will be thousands of results.

Probably as many for “Guides To Blogging” – But hey, I want to try and help out!

Try to think of something not that common and if you do have to write about something that others have, make yours different. Try adding a personal touch, this is probably something only you will know how to do.


#2 – Writing When Busy

This is something I have been very guilty for and still am to this day. I know it can be hard to find the time to write something but you must agree when I say your mind works best when you have time to think, maybe a quiet time at night when you are on your own or your journey home from work (assuming you aren’t driving at the time!)

I work 8-9 hours per day and tend to find this is when I do a lot of my writing but it doesn’t help. The ideas are rushed, bland and not detailed like they would be if you just sat down for an hour and started typing away.

Plus more ideas will rush to your head when you are in a peaceful situation.

What I have tried to do and what I would suggest is to carry maybe a note pad around with you Im sure you will have a mobile phone? When an idea pops in to your head whilst you are working or busy get it written in your note pad and pick it up later. Sit down for an hour at night, open your notepad and use this as inspiration to write your posts instead of trying to rush a new post out before the phone rings next in the office!


#3 – Valuable Content Is Not Just Enough

A lot of people and a lot of guides out there on the internet work on the basis that strong, informative posts will pull in the crowd.

In part, maybe it does. But without a reader portfolio you will have no one to share that great content with.

Valuable content is a big part of a successful blog, but without the readers it will go unnoticed and tumble in to the black whole that is the internet along with all of the other great content out there that no one has ever read.

You need to get your blog out there. Spread the word on social media, post on other blogs, websites, forums and talk to people in real life.

If your content is GREAT, the word will soon spread, people will share your stuff and things will go from there.


#4 – The Old Copy And Paste

Its rather simple really – Don’t do it.

For one, its stealing and can actually have consequences. I don’t know what the consequences are as such and to be honest Im not going to find them out!

But the other reason is, why would someone want to read a post by a “nobody” when they can read the same post and more from the person that actually wrote it in the first place?

You are here to make a name for yourself. You wont do that by lifting content from elsewhere.

By all means get ideas. I’m pretty sure I’m not the first person to write about the mistakes that are made when blogging. If I am, call me a genius but Im pretty sure there are others out there. But don’t just Google “How To Break Dance” and copy some one else’s Blog. Not cool.

Take your time, think of an idea and let your juices flow!


#5 – Niches

What are you going to write about?

I’ve made that exact mistake with my own blog and it stops you identifying your audience. I write about all sorts, mainly my life which is another mistake Im going to cover next.

You will build a much stronger reader base if you corner your niche, perfect it and pursue it.

Write about something you are passionate about. Whether it be sport, food, Blogging in general. Read other Blogs of that niche and learn about what people want to read.


#6 – Life Stories

Im not going to knock these because its what I do. But it depends on what you want to achieve from your life story. Are you, like me, wanting to diarise things, events so you can come back to them whilst sharing them with others?

If so I would suggest you keep doing what you are doing.

But if you are sharing your life stories in order to achieve views, likes, subscribers. Id personally suggest you look for something else to write about.

You need to remember that if you are writing about your day at work, how you went to the local supermarket or washed your car, people aren’t going to be that interested.

If you have a celebrity lifestyle, want to talk about how you stopped a hostage situation or how you became a millionaire then sure, share your stories as people are more likely to be interested in them.

Trust me, Ive been in that boat.


#7 – Writing Every Day

Seems like a good idea right? Maybe you could keep it up for a month or two but unless you have a constant stream of interesting content to post, a daily post isn’t going to be that interesting.

A lot of guides out there suggest you doing this – regular content.

I agree. Regular content is important. But why not take a step back, maybe post every 2-3 days and take that extra time to make your post extra special? Instead of rushing a post through every day just take a little more care on the one post, make it better than the rest and post that out there.

People will soon start getting bored if you are posting regular content but its rubbish and boring won’t they? I mean who wants to be constantly reminded of a new post from someone you have subscribed to if it’s going to be lame?


#8 – Give Up Too Soon

There’s nothing worse than spending hour after hour, day after day writing up posts. Posts you think are amazing, fun and full of brilliant content. Putting all of your effort in to your posts to then review little to no views each and every time.

I know just the feeling, its rubbish, its disheartening and it puts a downer on the whole point of Blogging.

Yes you are here to enjoy yourself, to have fun. But we all know it gets hard when we see that no matter what we churn out of the thought box, no one is interested.

So here’s the thing.

Keep going. No matter what happens, just keep going. Keep nailing those posts, keep updating and keep learning what gets read and what doesn’t to help improve on your writing skills.

The views will come, the subscribers will come and soon you will be wondering why on earth you were thinking about hanging up your pen in the first place!


#9 – Check, Double Check And Then Triple Check

You have just spent your last two days writing a fabulous piece of art, the most thrilling and most amazing post you have put together yet.

Now don’t just click Publish.

You need to go over your work, look for grammar mistakes, spelling mistakes and make sure everything makes sense. There’s nothing more annoying than reading a really good post that has been poorly put together and is riddled with mistakes.

But on that note, don’t think you need to make your post perfection. It never will be. There will always be something you can add in to it – take this post you are reading for example, I’m sure to have missed something.

There comes a time you just need to make sure all is together, no mistakes and it reads correctly and then get it out there for the world to enjoy!


#10 – Lack Of Promotion

So you have created your new blog, set a theme and get your first couple of posts out there.

You wait.

You keep waiting.

24 hours later, still no views.

A lot of people forget about promoting their blog. Its one of them main “DO’s” when blogging. There is no point in writing amazing content if no one is going to read it!

Now you have to remember, especially when using a free blog that you need to get your blog out there. Get it noticed.

It’s not very easy and I’m going to write a more detailed write up on how to advertise and what you can use to advertise but here are a few simple ideas to get your blog out there.

Share it on social media. How many friends do you have on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter? Most likely hundreds? Get it out there and get people sharing it!

Other blogs. Don’t go about copy and pasting your link on everyone’s blog but visit their blogs, like and comment on their stuff and people will come and see what you are up to!

Remember it is very important to get your stuff out there. Talk to your friends, get them to talk to their friends and get your name out there!


So with all that said I want you to ask yourself a couple of question.

Can I help you? – Im no expert, but I want to help and if you need anything or help with anything at all, please leave me a message.

How can you help me? – Well you can motivate me, with ever view, ever like and every follow I get spurred on to continue doing what Im doing.

So on that note.

To wrap things up I would like to ask a small favour, to help me and in return I will hopefully continue to help you for as long as you need me.

If you haven’t yet done so, please hit the “Follow” button. The more people I can help out, the better, surely?

If you are having problems with your blog, leave a comment below with the areas you are having problems with and I will do everything I can to help and point you in the right direction.