I will be honest, its a shame I dont own a dog as I would have love to tell you all the fascinating stories and adventures we have had together!

But I dont have a dog, so I wont.

I do have a couple of cats however, but of the 4 years we have had them, no adventures or tales to tell!

More importantly I will tell you about my best “buddy” – my soul mate, if you will.

You dont need to know her name and if you do, well you arent being told!

But she is the love of my life, my one and only. Theres are many different words or phrases I could use but you get the point – my girlfriend.

We have been together 3 years this year and not a single day has gone by where I havent thought how lucky Iam. Well, apart from those days when she is in a bad mood… which for the sake of being nice, its that often…

*Contains Laughter*

But really, she is beautiful, funny and very smart.

And on top of everything, she is going to be the mother of our little boy or girl! So I have everything to thank her for and Iam truly grateful for everything!