Trying to be healthy.

I first checked the Daily Prompt whilst we were baking and it kind of links in really. Well I say links in, more like the exact opposite.

You see when I read the word was healthy, we were half way through backing a batch of chocolate brownies. To these chocolate brownies we decided to add “a few” chocolate chips which resulted in the full packet going in.

Not only that but we were planning to go to Nandos tonight, which for those of you who don’t know, is basically fried chicken, fried chips but a little tastier. Not healthy by any means, but tasty.

We do struggle to eat healthy. Scrap that, my girlfriend is a pain in the back side when it comes to eating healthy. I swear she still has the thought process of a child in the sense that anything good and healthy for you is EVIL!

She doesn’t eat veg and definitely no fruit which makes meal times either a pain to cook two meals or I end up having something bland and boring!

But on that same note, I don’t help myself either.

I don’t put on weight, which basically means I think I can eat anything. Which I guess I can with regards to getting fat but I know it doesn’t do me well inside!

But whilst Im not gaining weight, I will eat what I want! Fair deal right?

Still, I think we should all take care of our bodies a little better, eat healthy but enjoy food!