“Never Underestimate the Predictability of Stupidity”

Snatch. What a fantastic film.


If you have ever seen a film from Guy Ritchie, you will know exactly what I mean.


This film, of all of the films I have seen is the best I have seen Brad Pitt, even better than Inglorious Basterds.


So Im not going to review the film, if you have seen it you will know exactly what I mean, if you haven’t seen it I urge you to.


Heres the snippet from Wiki:


Snatch is a 2000 film that features several different plots simultaneously, that only come together towards the very end of the film. There are two main plots, one that centres around a very valuable 86 carat diamond. It is stolen by Franky “Four-Fingers” and brought to London, where he and the diamond fall afoul of local thieves and underworld figures. The other revolves around an unlicensed boxing promoter named Turkish who finds himself in debt to the local crime boss, Brick Top (infamously known for feeding those who fall out of his favour to his prized pigs) after his boxer, Gorgeous George, is incapacitated in a dispute with a group of pikies over a caravan. Forced to improvise, Turkish and his partner Tommy acquire the services of the very pikey who knocked out Gorgeous George.