It’s a strange feeling, you know?

I will take you back to the 5th of March this year. This is the first time Ive written about it as, well you know, its good to get the first few weeks out of the way – just to make sure all is in order and… hunky-dory. Not only that but only a few select individuals have been told up to this stage and unfortunately, you guys weren’t them. Until now.

Now this wasn’t planned, well it wasn’t not planned. It was just a “if it happens, it happens and if it doesn’t, it doesn’t” kind of situations. We were ready, thats the main thing.

So anyway, a couple of days before the 5th of March 2016.

The days things changed.

My girlfriend was feeling, what would you call it… Not her self. You know that womanly time of each month? When all hell breaks loose, everything becomes my fault, smiles are a thing of the past and then all of a sudden, all is well with the world? Well that was meant to be happening but at the same time, wasn’t happening.

We knew what this must mean. It turns out im not really an idiot and I did listen at school. I mean watching videos were more fun, but i did listen.

Off to the supermarket.

Now it would seem that, even in 2016, dignity isn’t, well, dignity goes out of the window and peeing on a stick is a way of doing a test. So later that night we went and did the test – well i didn’t do one, that would have been awkward if not just incorrect procedure…

The result was negative.

But then, how do we explain the abundance of grumpiness, of frowny faces and foul mood?

A few days went by and we decided another test was due. Surely the answer was already clear?

Scrolling ahead to the 5th of March…

Another two tests were bought and a quick pee later we waited for the results.

The result was positive… ish.

Now before you pull a face that says “what on earth do you mean, ish?” Let me say im not one for being convinced of stuff easily, or at all for that matter so when the faintest of lines appear… I demanded a re-trail!

The packaging said, clearly, that a line is a line, faint or dark. But it was hard to get that to sink in to my overactive brain.

Test three was done and again, a super faint “im taking the piss out of you” line was shown. Now deep down i knew what this meant, it was clear, it was plain and simple. But the transparent and half arsed line was taunting me.

I knew, we knew.

We were expecting…

The 9th of March came and another test was done, this time a much deeper line, a more… convincing line appeared.

The waiting game began. Yes there was excitement and we were both looking forward to what was on the way but… 9 months! Still, we had a lot of stuff to get done. I decided decorating the whole house would be our next challenge so that has started and is still continuing to this day.

April came and we were forever closing in on the first scan, the 12 week scan where you see basically a grey blob on a screen – magical. With the 25th of April coming round we made our way to the hospital to have our first ever scan. It’s a kind of surreal place if you ask me. You have to walk through reception where people are coughing and fleming everywhere, through A&E where people have headache and a bruised toe into a world of happy, expecting people – the maternity ward.

We were called up, our time to have our scan, to see our baby.

Now for those of you have had this scan, you will know exactly how we felt. Sick to the stomach with nervous, but also so unbelievably over the moon that we could see our baby. Our healthy baby.


We have our 20 week scan booked for the end of June when we come back from our last holiday as a couple, which is when we get to know if we are having a little mister or missus and we honestly can’t wait until we can find out. We have our names, but you will have to wait to find that out.

Very exciting times!