We are getting there!

Slowly, very slowly. But making progress which is the main thing.

This is just a little personal update, more of a diary entry if anything. I really need to get more pictures!

Ever since we found out we had a “bun in the oven” we have been cracking on with the decorating, trying to get as much done, as quick as possible. Well I say “we” – little miss pregnant isn’t really cracking on as much as I have. But she is helping so I can’t complain… much!

The main bedroom was the first challenge. We wanted to get it done from scratch so all the wallpaper has been taken off. We took the coving and the old skirting off and I then spent the following week filling and repairing the mess that all the destruction had caused! The walls have been sanded down and a base coat has now been applied.

The old carpet is still down and will be staying down until all the walls are painted and the new skirting and coving is in place then a nice new, squishy carpet is going down!

I personally want to have all this done before we go on holiday in June, which sounds ages but I find myself with very limited time finishing at 7:30pm most nights although the weekend is soon to be upon us so we can get as much done as possible!

So here’s the plan to finish off! I can also use this as a note as most of my notes are covered in paint and dust!


Now please, I’m no master at this. So if I’m doing things wrong or in the wrong order, please be kind and help me out!

  • Remove all wallpaper
  • Remove all skirting
  • Remove all coving
  • Sand down all walls to smooth
  • Sand down door frames and sills
  • Fill and sand down the mess from removing skirting and coving
  • Make the room dust free and in turn break the hoover
  • Apply base coat to all walls
  • Fill and sand any imperfections
  • Apply 2nd base coat
  • Check for imperfections and correct
  • Apply first coat of paint
  • Check for imperfections and correct
  • Apply second coat of paint
  • Attach new skirting’s and coving
  • Gloss everything that needs glossing

I think that’s about it! I will be changing the light fitting, light switch and plug sockets to make them a little nicer. Also adding a nice new door and handles to a more modern shape and style.

I will keep you up to date with the progress of the room, please keep me motivated and help if I’m doing anything wrong!