We all know that people go through different emotions. What I’m about to say isn’t the most pleasant of stories, I hope you can appreciate what I am about to write as it was a very distressing moment, not just for me but for the other people involved aswell.

The body is an amazing creation. I don’t fully know how it works but it works like clockwork.

My story or my relation to survival isn’t the most pleasant story but it shows what a remarkable machine the body is.

Around 5-6 years ago I purchased my first house. I spent a lot of time popping here and there, driving around, you know like you do when you need to get all of the bits and bobs for your first house. Cleaning products, sofa, sponges… you know the drill!

The above really has nothing to do with the following that I am about to tell you.

One evening as I was travelling to a destination, I’ve not idea where I was going but I was in the car, in the distance I could see what I thought was a car crash. I was on the bypass and the other side of the road there were 4-5 parked cars but parked across the lanes as if they had stopped urgently.

In the middle of the road, taking in to account that I was quite a distance from the “crash” I could see what I believed to be the front bumper of a car.

Being nosey isn’t always a beneficial thing.

Being on the bypass, we only had one option in which way we can travel – towards the crash.

Knowing cars are very safe nowadays, I wasn’t overly concerned. To be honest I just wanted to see what happened so I slowed down as I approached.

It wasn’t a car crash.

I won’t go in to detail, I don’t think that will benefit this story but what I saw will remain in my mind for the rest of my life.

Instead of a car bumper, what I saw was a lady. I didn’t know her and Id likely never met her. But for whatever reason, whatever was going off in her life or in her head at the time – She decided to jump from a bridge.

The reason I’m writing about this is because no matter what was going off in that poor persons head her body wanted to survive.

I personally think the head and the body, although connected in many ways are not connected when it comes to thoughts of mind. That person no longer wanted to be part of this world but her body was striving to survive.

It amazes me in what the human body can do and can withstand as far as both emotional and physical pain.

On a last note please always remember there are people out there like this, with this thought of mind. Be kind to people – You cannot see what is going off inside someone’s head.